Our Projects

022105-C06 Delta Towers II

2022   | Bladimir Ventura

Delta 2 Owner LLC, c/o DP-GDC JV LLC, 3467 14th St., NW, Unit 1, Washington, DC 20010

Our company proudly partnered with the US National Park Service NCR on a significant project to structurally repair an historical gem, the Peirce Barn, located at Peirce Barn Location. The objective was to increase the building’s floor capacity by designing a comprehensive solution. This included the installation of new blocks and the incorporation of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) into the existing floors while preserving the delicate integrity of this cherished structure. Our meticulous work not only ensured the structural enhancement of the Peirce Barn but also contributed to the continued preservation of its rich history. We invite you to explore the Peirce Barn and experience its historical significance at https://www.nps.gov/rocr/planyourvisit/peirce-barn-directions.htm

Rock Creek Park - Install Fire Protection and Security Systems at Historic Peirce Barn in Washington, DC

2022   | Bladimir Ventura

National Park Service, NCR – Regional Contracting, Acquisition Mangement Division, 1100 Ohio Drive SW contracting Anne, Washington, DC 20242-0001

Building 1450 A& B Wing Building 1452 Replace Fire Alarm Control Panels and associated auxiliary components

2022   | Bladimir Ventura

Our company proudly served the United States Navy by undertaking a critical project in Dahlgren, Virginia. We were entrusted with the complete replacement of the Fire Alarm System and the upgrade of the sprinkler system within a Top Secret Facility, spanning three buildings. This demanding assignment reinforced our expertise in working within high-security spaces with stringent security clearance requirements, ensuring the safety and operational continuity of vital national assets.

22104 USDA Knee-Wall Repairs 1301 Ditto Ave Ft Dietrick MD

2022   | Bladimir Ventura

USDA, 1301 Ditto Ave, Ft Dietrick MD
Our company proudly contributed to the mission of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) by eliminating moisture ingress to an experimental plant facility. Through meticulous foundation repair and exterior epoxy painting, we ensured the structural integrity of this critical research space. This project underscores our commitment to safeguarding the cornerstone of food and agriculture in the USA.

Project #22101 SSA Door Operators 6201 Security Blvd Woodlawn MD

2022   | Bladimir Ventura

Social Security Administration, 6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21235
We take pride in our successful integration of a new Fire Alarm system, a crucial project for the USA Social Security Administration (SSA). This project aimed to enhance fire protection for multiple new doors within the SSA building. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly during night shifts to ensure the safety and mission continuity of this vital government agency.


2022   | Daniel Goodwin

BLDG 768, SUITE 214 (LANGLEY AFB), HAMPTON VA 23665-2207
Our dedicated team embarked on a transformative project at the USPFO Langley Air Force Installation, recognizing the vital importance of this endeavor. We conducted a thorough power-washing of the agency building, skillfully sealing the blocks and windows, and executed precise touch-up painting.
This project holds immense significance as it not only rejuvenated the building’s aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a highly functional and professional workspace. USPFO Langley Air Force Installation is instrumental in supporting critical missions and operations, making it essential to provide an environment that fosters efficiency and excellence. Our work contributes to the agency’s mission success and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our valued clients.


2022   | Hector Fortiz

Owner : Federal Reserve Bank,of Richmond, 701 East Byrd Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219

We executed a multifaceted project at the US Federal Reserve Bank’s high-security facility, exemplifying our expertise in precision and reliability. In this critical role, our team seamlessly replaced exterior lighting, working meticulously in this secure environment. We also played a vital role in disconnecting and re-connecting the Bank’s essential process equipment, enabling crucial facility repairs without any disruption to the Federal Reserve’s vital financial functions.

Additionally, we performed exterior power washing and painting, not only improving the building’s aesthetics but also ensuring it maintains its resilience. As part of forward-looking planning, we conducted the demolition of the existing electrical system to prepare for future expansions. This comprehensive project underscores our unwavering commitment to efficiency, security, and supporting the US Federal Reserve Bank in its crucial role in the nation’s financial stability.

BLDG 102 Relocate Cabinet Washer

2022   | Luis Gonzalez

National Institutes of Health, OD – Office of Research Facilities, Building 13, Room 2E-47, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20892-5711
Even the smallest projects can have a significant impact on research environments. We efficiently and expertly relocated a cabinet at the NHI Research Building, demonstrating our dedication to precision in every task, regardless of size. This project showcases our commitment to supporting research facilities by ensuring their spaces are optimized for productivity and functionality.

SSA PEB Fire Protection System Upgrades

2022   | Bladimir Ventura

Social Security Administration, 6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21235
We executed a critical repair of an existing fire alarm system at the Social Security Administration, demonstrating our commitment to safety and operational continuity. This complex project was meticulously performed during nighttime hours to avoid disruption to normal operations.
Our primary objective extended beyond repair; it encompassed ensuring safety for all. In particular, we focused on synchronization to prevent any unintended consequences, such as triggering photosensitive epileptic seizures. This dedication to precision and safety reflects our unwavering commitment to our clients’ unique needs, even in the most challenging and sensitive environments.

21078 BOA -B312 Locker Room Renovation

2021   | Bladimir Ventura

NAS Patuxent River – NAVFAC
We’re pleased to have contributed to the functionality and efficiency of the US Navy Military Base Pax River by optimizing a closet room within one of its locker rooms. Our attention to detail and commitment to precision ensured that this space is now better organized and equipped to support the needs of the dedicated personnel who serve our nation.


2021   | Bladimir Ventura

NAS Patuxent River – NAVFAC
In a mission-critical project, we expedited the repair and upgrade of a Navy Security military working dog kennel to meet rigorous military standards. Our top priority was reducing the stress of these heroic canines and ensuring their swift return from critical missions. The comprehensive project included expanding the kennel space, epoxy flooring, installing new door box gates, reinforcing the roof, enhancing the exterior fence, upgrading electrical and HVAC systems, installing a fire sprinkler system, precision painting, and even adding building signage and exterior lighting. This project embodies our unwavering commitment to supporting both our human and four-legged military heroes in their vital missions.

F-35 stealth fighter jet - B2133, REPLACE 8" AFFF PIPE AND 2 PUMPS NAS Patuxent River MD

2021   | Bladimir Ventura

NAS Patuxent River – NAVFAC
Our team took pride in enhancing the safety measures for the F-35 stealth fighter jet, recognizing its paramount importance in furthering the US Navy’s mission. We executed a meticulous fire protection upgrade, ensuring that this cutting-edge aircraft is fortified with the latest safety technology. This enhancement not only safeguards valuable assets but also reinforces our commitment to supporting the Navy’s pivotal role in national defense.

CAA Painting Project

2021   | Bladimir Ventura

Army Contract Command – Detroit Arsenal
In a project of the utmost confidentiality, we undertook an interior and exterior painting endeavor for the Army Contract Command. Our mission: to enhance the facility without disrupting daily operations. With meticulous planning and under a security escort, we executed the project flawlessly, ensuring a refreshed environment while safeguarding sensitive operations. Our commitment to precision and security shines in every brushstroke, exemplifying our dedication to service in the most classified of settings.

Union Collective Warehouse Upgrade

2021   | Brian Rodriguez

Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore MD
We successfully converted a warehouse into an experimental facility for Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This transformative project involved creating mockup lab rooms, providing cutting-edge spaces for innovative research and experimentation. Our dedication to precision and adaptability shines through in this project, facilitating groundbreaking work in a dynamic academic environment. In addition to the lab spaces, we also upgraded the Electrical, Fire Alarm, and HVAC systems, ensuring top-tier functionality and safety. Comprehensive Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing were meticulously carried out to guarantee optimal performance, further enhancing the facility’s capabilities for pioneering research and education.

21025 BOA B2113 Add Exterior Door

2021   | Fermin Rodriguez

NAS Patuxent River – NAVFAC
We’re proud to have improved safety by adding a new exit to an Air Force building. This project enhances emergency egress options, reinforcing our commitment to ensuring the well-being of all occupants.


2019   | Bladimir Ventura

NAS Patuxent River – NAVFAC
Our past project involved a significant upgrade at a top-secret US Navy facility, where we meticulously ensured compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With unwavering dedication to accessibility, we installed automatic door closers and modernized building access points to meet ADA requirements.
This project reflects our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in all environments, even those with the highest security standards. Our efforts not only enhance the facility’s compliance but also contribute to making it more accommodating for all individuals, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can navigate the premises with ease and dignity.

B2805 - Repair & Seal Fire Suppression Water Tank

2021   | Ben Rodriguez

NAS Patuxent River – NAVFAC
We take immense pride in our past work, where we had the honor of repairing and painting a critical water tank used for fire protection at the US Presidential Helicopter Hangar. Our skilled team meticulously restored the tank to its optimal condition, ensuring it met the highest safety standards.
Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of this project. We delivered a flawless restoration that not only met but exceeded all regulatory requirements, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and readiness in protecting this vital facility.
This project stands as a testament to our dedication to serving our nation’s most critical infrastructure needs. We were honored to contribute to the protection of assets that play a pivotal role in safeguarding the highest office in the land.


2021   | Fermin Rodriguez

As a subcontractor for DGS, we successfully delivered a crucial concrete foundation for a classroom expansion project at a local elementary school. Our commitment to efficiency ensured that the work was completed during the summer break, allowing students to return to an improved learning environment in September. Our completion of the classroom expansion foundation positively impacted the local community, enhancing the educational facilities available to students in the area. We take pride in contributing to the growth and development of our community through our construction services.

Allen Bradley - Brand name Supply

2019   | Bladimir Ventura

Our partnership with the Army involves successfully providing mission-critical PLC solutions, supporting the Army’s modernization initiatives, and strengthening their technological capabilities. Under this contract, our company provided new PLC devices to the Army Depot.